What is R-CodeBlog?

Ramesh Pardhi

Hi, welcome to R-CodeBlog!

I am Ramesh Pardhi, Full Stack Web Developer, and now a Blogger with R-CodeBlog.

I was in 8th standard when I operated the computer for the first time. Our class teacher guided us through the process and the first software, I opened was MS Paint! It may not be now but then it was a fascinating phenomenon, and I went – Wooaah!

From then I knew that I wanted to learn more about this new world and that curiosity led me to Programming.

It was difficult when I failed in HSC (12th) exam, however,  it did not stop me from learning. Also, my English was poor (Not that it is the best right now, but I can say that I am better than before) but even then, I tried my best to learn from free online resources – YouTube, W3Schools and more.

After a while, I made friends with some MCA students. The most important thing I learned from them was Debugging! And trust me, debugging is one of the most important parts of programming.

With little knowledge, weak English, I tried my best to learn and after years, as of today, I can make good websites and keep my clients happy.

So, what R-CodeBlog is all about?

I have developed and programmed many websites from custom Web Applications to E-Commerce Stores over the last six years. I have faced many challenges and have learned through first-hand experiences. I am still a learner, but I want to share these experiences and learnings with every programmer out there. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do here!

What you should expect from R-CodeBlog?

R-CodeBlog is my personal programming blog. I am going to write about different types of programming languages, their frameworks, problems and solutions with snippets, and everything which comes under programming or web development. I will share an explanation of each and every line of code that I am going to write here.

Kindly give the feedback in the comment section. You can reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram.